The Expat Cast is a DIY podcast. That means there's no team behind it, there's no recording studio, there's no funding.

Nicole creates the show in her free time, next to her full-time job and busy personal life. She records in her apartment with hand-me-down equipment that's held in place by rubber bands. The show is a labor of love.

The podcast was created out of her desire to help other expats and herself by building a community where it's OK to admit that life abroad is tough, and sometimes total crap, but still beautiful and worth it.

Since its launch in 2018, creating and growing the podcast and community has cost Nicole hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours.

If you'd like to support the show, you can donate via PayPay or Buy Me a Coffee. This money will first and foremost go to covering the expenses behind running a podcast (things like the hosting fee for this lovely website!) and any excess money will compensate Nicole for her time and hard work.