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Love this, thanks for sharing !

Interesting info and conservations, thank you !

Helpful, funny, and speaks from lived experiences

I feel seen. This is a helpful podcast for those who live here or are thinking about moving to Germany from abroad. It turns out that many of the funny and not so funny things that happened to me also happened to other expats. Worth your time!

Connection During COVID

We moved to a small town in Germany from the US in August 2020. I found the Expat Cast during the winter lockdown of 2021. It made me feel connected to others during an isolating time. Nicole does a great job creating an informal conversation with other expats that makes you feel a part of the conversation. I highly recommend for anyone considering a move to Germany or already here. I learn something new in each episode!

Looking forward to listening to more podcasts

Today was my first day listening to the podcast and looking to listen more! I listened to the 'life in Bavarian Small Town with Steffi' Sland enjoyed the refreshing, informal, informative chat.

Amazing and Comprehensive

The Expat Cast is an amazing podcast that covers everything from relationships, learning a language, preparing to travel abroad, the confusion of whether to stay or not, and more. Nicole brings a light-hearted and humurous take on the good times and the bad times of living abroad as an expat.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Hi, Nicole, this is Ping from Chai with Ping. I'm a Taiwanese living in Denver, CO. Thanks for inpiring me. When I first started my podcast on immigrants, you were the only reference I had. I truly appreciate your honesty and the enthusiasm in making the show and I learned some much about crossculture perspectives even I'm not in Germany. Keep up the good work!!!!

The Expat Cast makes me feel at Home

Nicole and her guests wonderfully describe the highs and lows of living abroad in Germany. From taxation, to intercultural dating, to language learning, it beautifully covers expat life. I learn something new each time I tune in.

Thought provoking yet entertaining

I find the topics always quite interesting, often making me think about relatable experiences I've had or places I'd like to visit. I also enjoy the fun that Nicole works into most each episode. The episode with Adam Fletcher was especially enjoyable. I can't wait to read some of his books. The production quality is also quite good for a non-corporate podcast.

A perfect introduction to life in Germany. And, the expats who choose to live here.

A big thanks to Nicole for an authentic take on life in Germany. It’s refreshing to hear about the good times, the likely challenges and the absolute hilarious antics that can ensue during life abroad. And, I’m grateful for the virtual introductions she regularly makes to other expats, from around the world, who call Germany home. It’s helpful to learn from each other – and feeling like we’re all on this amazing journey. Together.

Great podcast!

I'm not an expat but i enjoy hearing about what it would be like to move abroad. The host does a great job of keeping it entertaining and informative

A great resource

Love the podcast and good vibes in each episode. Lots of helpful interviews with expats whose stories prepare listeners for unexpected challenges abroad. Thanks for the hard work you put in for this podcast.

A great resource for expats around the world

I love hearing the different stories of the expats interviewed on The Expat Cast. Nicole has a talent for drawing out her guest’s stories and wisdom. It’s a wonderful resource for expats all over the world to listen to.

Always a joy!

The Expat Cast is such a fun and bright podcast to listen to. With such a variety of topics, this podcast is always a joy to listen to. Great host, fun guests, exciting stories, zack-zack-zack: love it all. Nicole, you’re rockin’ this!

Perfect for those dreaming of living abroad!

I still can't believe I found this absolute gem of a podcast. If you live abroad or are considering moving abroad this podcast is for you! It's amazing to hear first hand experiences from the people Nicole interviews as well as her experiences too. She's really fun and does a great job of hosting a variety of guests with all different backgrounds/experiences.

An expat’s dream podcast

So happy to have connected with the host Nicole and found something amazing to get me through the highs and lows of my expat experience. I highly recommend this podcast to everyone- especially those thinking of moving/traveling to Germany!

Great Expat Information

Love this podcast. Very fun to listen to and has so much good information.

Great Show!

Nicole is a great host and gets an interesting assortment of guests. For anyone that has lived abroad, the show is cathartic. For everyone else you learn a lot and hear fun stories!

Absolutely love

I love learning about living in Germany and Nicole makes it so fun!