THREGEPADFO: Germany Charity Initiative 2021


We’re Nicole from The Expat Cast, and Shaun from The Germany Experience. We’re two expat podcasters living in Germany. Being sworn rivals, we face off against each other each Christmas to see who can raise the most money for charity.

This year, the charity we’ve chosen to support is Kinderlachen ("children's laughter"). Their aim: to help children across Germany who are in need or ill.  Donations go toward various projects aimed at this goal.

The project I'm supporting is "Bildung für Kinder - Kinderlachen Stipendium". This project funds an alternative education for a child who is unable to attend traditional school due to physical or psychological challenges.

To donate on behalf of The Expat Cast, click this link. If you need help with the German form, I've posted a translation below the link that you can use as reference:



Donation form reference: 

  • Jetzt Spenden: Donate now
  • Betrag: Amount
  • Rhythmus: Frequency ("einmalig" is a once-off donation)
  • Vorname: First name
  • Nachname: Surname
  • Spendenquittung: Donation receipt 
  • Öffentliche Angaben bei der Spendenaktion: Official message that will appear on my donation page