Nov. 4, 2021

Living Right on Time with Julie

Living Right on Time with Julie

In her early 40s, Julie moved to Munich for love and had her first kid at 43. Now, nearing 50, she's planning her wedding and living a life full of happiness, including a thriving community and her own business.

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Season 6, Episode 6.  To some, Julie's life might seem like she's hitting certain milestones too late. But for Julie, life is playing out right on time.

She left her good, satisfying life in Scotland in her early 40s, because she was ready for a change. Love took her to Munich, Germany, where she moved in with her partner, started her own business, and had a child - all at the same time. Although it was a lot of life changes all at once, Julie embraced this opportunity to create the life she wanted.

Many of her approaches were backed up by science and research - which she shares about in her work as a life coach and in various groups she started in Munich, including her Happiness Club.



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