Career Abroad

Fulbright Program with Dane

July 25, 2018

Fulbright Scholar Dane tells us all about his experience in the English Teaching Assistant program.

Career Abroad Language Learning Visa Talk

Teaching English Abroad with Ashley

July 8, 2018

Ashley moved to Germany without teaching experience. She was able to start her career as an English as a Foreign Language teacher and work her way up the freelance teacher ladder.

Language Learning Visa Talk

Language Course Visas with Jenny

July 8, 2018

American expat Jenny came to Germany on a language course, or Sprachkurs, visa. She stayed a full calendar year and took German courses. How did she get the visa? What was that experience like?

Life Talks

Introducing The Expat Cast with Nicole and Gordon

July 8, 2018

What in the world is The Expat Cast, and who is behind it? Get introduced to the show and the host, Nicole, in this inaugural episode.