February 21, 2021

America on Fire 3 - February 25, 2021

In June 2020, after the George Floyd protests, the Carl Schurz Haus in Freiburg hosted an online panel discussion with five Americans living in Germany about the state of America and their experiences with racism. It was moderated by Nicole, the host of...

February 18, 2021

Repatriating During a Pandemic with Kate

Kate moved back to Germany in March of 2020, on one of the last flights from the USA to Germany before travel shut down due to Coronavirus. We hear what it was like saying goodbye to Chicago and how it's been readjusting to their home country under these limited circumstances.

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February 11, 2021

First Female in the Family to Move Abroad with Reina

Reina was the first female in her tight-knit family to move abroad. When she was adjusting to life in her new home in New Zealand, she faced serious withdrawal, going from constant family time to being a 26-hour flight away.

Family Relations Career Abroad

February 04, 2021

Travel Germany: Dessau with Inna

In the Travel Germany series, different places across Germany are featured in interviews with expats who relocated there. Today, we learn about Dessau!

Travel Germany

January 28, 2021

Am I Integrating or Am I Aging? with Rachel from Meet the Germans

Rachel hosts the Meet the Germans series with Deutsche Welle, where she shares videos about current events and German culture in English through her perspective as a foreigner in Germany.

Life Talks

January 21, 2021

Make Me (Techncially) German (But Also Kind Of Not) with Adam Fletcher

Adam Fletcher was bored in his UK hometown when a job opportunity popped up in Leipzig, Germany. He said, "Sure, why not?" He went on to become a bestselling author of hilarious and astute books including, "Make Me German" and "How To Be German in 50 Easy Steps."

Finding Home Abroad

January 14, 2021

Coping with Unrest Back Home with Tara

An American in Germany struggling to process current events from afar sits down with Tara, an Iranian in Germany who has had a couple years' head start on processing unrest back home from far away.

Mental Health Life Talks

January 07, 2021

TikTok, Glühwein, & Finding Independence in Hamburg with Hannah Teslin

Hannah has been living in Hamburg, Germany for 7 years now. Her move was inspired by love, but even when that relationship ended, she had plenty of reasons to stay - including her popular TikTok and Instagram accounts!

Career Abroad Finding Home Abroad

December 28, 2020

SEGEPADFO Winner & Season 5 Announcement

It's SEGEPADFO: the Second Ever Germany Expat Podcasters Donation Face-Off. Which podcast raised the most money? Who raised the least, and what consequences will they have to face?

Giving Back

December 20, 2020

SEGEPADFO Update 4: A Participant's Experience of Über den Tellerrand with Philippa

It's SEGEPADFO: the Second Ever Germany Expat Podcasters Donation Face-Off. In this episode, I interview a student in Freiburg who started joining the Über den Tellerrand's events as a way to get to know new people in town.

Giving Back

December 13, 2020

SEGEPADFO Update 3: A Jingle and Some Trash Talk

It's SEGEPADFO: the Second Ever Germany Expat Podcasters Donation Face-Off. I give an update on who is in the lead, release the brand new SEGEPADFO jingle, written by Shaun and featuring backup vocals from yours truly, and attempt to trash talk using quotes from Conor McGregor.

Giving Back

December 06, 2020

SEGEPADFO Update 2: with Tara from Über den Tellerrand

It's SEGEPADFO: the Second Ever Germany Expat Podcasters Donation Face-Off. This year, we are fundraising for Über den Tellerrand. In this episode, I interview the head of Über den Tellerrand Freiburg to learn more about the group.

Giving Back

November 29, 2020

Announcing: SEGEPADFO with Shaun from The Germany Experience

It's SEGEPADFO: the Second Ever Germany Expat Podcasters Donation Face-Off. This year, Shaun and I are fundraising for Über den Tellerrand. In this announcement, we explain how you can contribute to the cause.

Giving Back

September 17, 2020

Season 4 Finale: Expat Role Models

To wrap up the season, we hear from a variety of former guests, listeners, and expat friends from around Freiburg about who their expat/immigrant/nomad role model is.

Life Talks Family Relations

September 10, 2020

Dating as a Foreigner in Germany with Justin

Nicole and Justin are two single Americans who have both been in Germany for about three years, and they're here to exchange their stories and perspectives on dating.

Life Talks

September 03, 2020

US Americans: How to Vote from Abroad with Candice from Democrats Abroad

If you are a US citizen, even if you live abroad, you ARE eligible to vote. Candice works with Democrats Abroad Germany and Vote from Abroad. She's here to tell us how to vote from abroad, why to vote from abroad, and what deadlines to keep in mind.

Expat Resources

August 27, 2020

The Downside of a Nomadic Life with Mahdia

Mahdia left her hometown of Dhaka, Bangladesh when she was 19. She's since lived in Wollongong, Australia, Berlin, Germany, Argentina, and Thailand. Now back in Berlin, Mahdia is exhausted from the nomadic life.

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August 24, 2020

My Coronavirus Test Experience (Minisode)

My summer vacation ended up consisting of me visiting friends in Cologne, Berlin, and Amsterdam. Because I was outside of German borders, I qualified for a free Coronavirus test upon my return. I share what my experience was like.   CONNECT the...

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