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September 26, 2019

My Expat Story with Your Host, Nicole

It's time to get to know your host! This episode, there's no guest - just me, Nicole, the lady behind the podcast. I tell my expat story from start to present.

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September 19, 2019

Raising a Son with Special Needs in Germany with Shaun of Expat Life Germany

Shaun moved to Germany from South Africa years ago with his wife. Their oldest son has a special need, and Shaun shares with us how they've navigated the situation as foreigners and second-language German speakers.

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September 05, 2019

International Schools with Lauren

When Lauren moved from New Jersey, USA to Barcelona, Spain with her husband and three children, she decided that international school was the right choice for her kids' schooling.

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August 29, 2019

People with a Backround of Migration with Fraser

The German phrase "Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund," or "people with a background of migration" is bulky and challenging for German learners. Is this a pattern in German integration practices? We discuss!

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August 22, 2019

Moving Back "Home" with Lindsey from The ExpatRepat Podcast

Lindsey is a repat, living back in the USA after years of life abroad in Switzerland. In the years since she's moved back, she's struggled but succeeded at building a life that she's happy with.

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August 15, 2019

Moving Abroad or Running Away? with Aspen from AspenAbroad

We take a stroll down memory lane to look at the traumas and challenges that inspired Aspen to leave the US, followed by a discussion of how she's feeling now.

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July 11, 2019

Ask the Expat with Stacey

We've called up a good friend to answer listener questions and quandaries in Ask the Expat. We give our best go at answering questions sent to us from expats all over.

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June 27, 2019

Celebrate Every Little Win with Gyo

Although she's always struggled with anxiety, Gyo has found ways to continue challenging herself as she adjusts to the new culture.

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June 20, 2019

Putting the Ex in Expat: Break-Ups Abroad with Jessica

Jessica moved to Germany to be with her German girlfriend. Two years into life in Erfurt, the relationship ended, but Jessica stayed. Even when she later moved away to England, her heart stayed in Germany.

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June 13, 2019

Stereotypes and Misconceptions with Tatjana

Tatjana discusses what stereotypes and misconceptions she has encountered as a German expat in India.

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June 06, 2019

You Are Where You Live with Mark

Mark's writing career took him to Prague, Czech Republic, and now, he's an accomplished travel writer. Mark's got years of hard-earned wisdom, and I'm glad he's shared them with us.

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May 23, 2019

Macaroon Moments with Ara

Although her weekdays are filled with working from home in her small town in Bavaria, Ara's weekends are filled with travel, adventure, and macaroon moments.

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May 16, 2019

From Pils to Pints to Passport Stamps with Sixtina

Mere days before she left Ireland to embark on a world trip, Sixtina told us what it's been like working for a big international company, learning just how German she is, and that good ol' Irish pub culture.

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April 25, 2019

The First Few Months with Samar

This week's guest is fresh out of a challenging phase in expat life, and she sits down to chat about what it felt like, what pressures got to her, and what helped her keep going.

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April 18, 2019

Choosing to Move Back with Aurora

Expats don't always stay expats forever. We sit down with Aurora, a Mexican-American living in Germany, to hear what made her decide to move back to the States.

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