Jan. 4, 2021

Travel Germany: Stuttgart

Travel Germany: Stuttgart

In the Travel Germany series, different places across Germany are featured in interviews with expats who relocated there. With their insider tips and suggestions about why they love their new home, you'll have plenty of ideas for when you visit Germany.

Stuttgart isn't exactly at the top of most people's Must Visit Cities in Europe. In fact, even many people who live in Germany only visit Stuttgart for work or to see family or friends.

But! Stuttgart actually has a plethora of great food, drink, and culture. Not only is it the capital of Baden-Württemberg; it also is the center of Schwabian culture, responsible for such beloved things like Käsespätzle and Maultaschen.

Stefanie, an Austrian expat living in Stuttgart, was once on the show to talk about the differences between Austria v. Germany.

Now, she's here to share with us what has made her love this city. She's got great ideas of things to see, eat, and drink in town as well as a long list of festivals to visit throughout the year.

Food and Drink

The World's Largest Pig Museum is full of odd, odd things like this!

Museums and Sites

The Stuttgart Public Library is world-reknown for its architecture.

Bookish Things

You'll soften your take on Stuttgart and even want to visit after listening to this episode!