Jan. 4, 2021

Travel Germany: Nuremberg

Travel Germany: Nuremberg

In the Travel Germany series, different places across Germany are featured in interviews with expats who relocated there. With their insider tips and suggestions about why they love their new home, you'll have plenty of ideas for when you visit Germany.

Let's learn about the hidden gem of Bavaria - Nuremberg!

I visited Nuremberg in July 2020 and fell in love with it. I went back in September and wanted to go again, but couldn't due to the pandemic.

First thing to know about this amazing place: people in Nuremberg identify as Franconian first and foremost, although the city is technically in Bavaria. Franconia is a region in northern Bavaria and is home to many charming places, including Nuremberg.

Today's guest, Shannon, has lived with her family for several years. They actually lived in Nuremberg years ago, moved back to the States, and missed Nuremberg so much, they moved back. Through the years and various adventures with her husband and kids, Shannon has great ideas for how to stroll through the city, where to stop for the famous Nuremberg sausages, and which of the many festivals in the area to visit.

Albrect Duerer Platz is a great spot to stop for a snack at The Wanderer.

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So many beautiful bridges to cross and alleyways to explore!


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Fall in love with Nuremberg with me! Check the episode out here.