May 24, 2021

Travel Germany: Bamberg

Travel Germany: Bamberg

In the Travel Germany series, different places across Germany are featured in interviews with expats who relocated there. With their insider tips and suggestions about why they love their new home, you'll have plenty of ideas for when you visit Germany.

Time to learn about the fairy tale town that is Bamberg! Located in northern Franconia in Bavaria, just a couple of hours on train from Berlin, Munich, and Prague, Bamberg is a UNESCO World Heritage site, famous for its incredible architecture and distinct smokey beer.

Ana lived in Bamberg for a couple of years, and although she lives further south in Bavaria now, she still loves the charming city. I was lucky enough to do a day trip to Bamberg in 2020 while staying in Nuremberg, and I have to say, I can see why someone could fall in love with the place. It's small enough to not be overwhelming but packed with pleasant views, great food and drink, and plenty of fun things in the area.

Food and Drink

  • Go to Baeckerei Seel, which ahs been around since 1427 (!!!), for a Bamberger Hörnla, the local form of a croissant
  • Try the local dish Schäufele, or pork shoulder, at Mahrs Bräu - which also has some great local beer
  • Need more beer? Try theWilde Rose Keller
  • For a cafe where you can relax and read, try Kaffeehaus Krumm & Schief. Insider tip? The upstairs is the best bar on Friday evenings!
  • You HAVE to try a Schlenkerla, which is the Rauchbier, or smoked beer, that Bamberg is famous for

If you've ever wanted to drink a campfire, this is the beer for you!

Activities and Sites

  •  Some spots to hit on a walk around town include Maximiliamsplatz, which is the shopping area where the christmas market happens, theAltes Rathaus, and thelittle Venice area, which you can also explore via boat tour
  • Fellow bookworms: check out the university library Teilbibliothek 5, which overlooks the river, and Teilbibliothek 1, which looks like it could be out of Harry Potter!
  • Check out the Bamberger Dom, where a pope and the emperor are buried, then go to theNew Residence and roses garden nearby
  • For a city view, walk up to Michaelsberg or up to Altenburg Castle
  • On a hot summer day, you'll want to go to Hainbadestelle, which is a part of the river that's turned into a public swimming area

View of the Altes Rathaus or old city hall

Day Trips


  • A favorite local festival is the Sandkerwa, which celebrates the fact that the church built on sand didn't fall


For all these tips and more, listen in to the episode here.