March 25, 2021

Travel Germany: Aachen

Travel Germany: Aachen

In the Travel Germany series, different places across Germany are featured in interviews with expats who relocated there. With their insider tips and suggestions about why they love their new home, you'll have plenty of ideas for when you visit Germany.

Time to learn about the city of Aachen in the far west of Germany.


One cool thing about Aachen is that it's just a handful of kilometers from both the Netherlands and Belgium. You can literally bike or jog there! This small city is at the cross-section of a lot of interesting cultures.

Liege in Belgium

Food and Drink

  • Try some Printen, or gingerbread cookies
  • Visit a classic old German restaurant
  • Enjoy not just German beers but also Belgian and Dutch beers!

Activities and Sites

  • The Cathedral is a Unesco World Heritage site
  • Visit the spot where three countries meet - the Dreiländereck, which is also the highest point in the Netherlands
  • Relax at a Therma, or thermal bath, in the area

Charming Monschau in the Eifel Forest

Day trips

  • Hop over to Maastricht in the Netherlands
  • Visit the French-speaking part of Belgium with a day in Liege
  • Stumble upon a charming riverside village in the woods called Monschau
  • Hike around the Eifel National Park

Carnival in Maastricht in the Netherlands


  • Aachen is big on Karnival in February, and you can also check out festivities in Cologne, Dusseldorf and even Maastricht
  • Visit at Christmas time for famous Christmas Markets in Aachen and Monschau


For all these tips and more, listen in to the episode here.