Jan. 3, 2021

Taxes for Expats in Germany with Wundertax

Taxes for Expats in Germany with Wundertax

It's hard enough to be a responsible adult in your home country. When you move abroad, the weight of common adult tasks like filing taxes is compounded.

But fear not - Wundertax is here to help lift that burden! I gave their German taxes tool a go. It's specifically built for expats in Germany, with a streamlined tool available in a range of languages. I was blown away by the company and their tool, so The Expat Cast teamed up with them to bring this helpful information straight to your ears.

Fellow expat in Germany, Agnese, actually works for Wundertax and comes onto the show to tell us everything we need to know to file our taxes on time, accurately, and painlessly. Agnese busts some tax rumors and shares a slew of tips for what expats specifically should keep an eye out when filing taxes. Like, did you know that your moving expenses might be tax exempt? Or that you actually have years to file your taxes retroactively without being penalized? Who is actually required to file taxes in Germany? Also, that rumor that you can declare your language courses? Yeah, that's a total myth!

You can find all the information you need to know in the episode.

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