Dec. 28, 2020

A Starter Kit of Episodes for New Listeners

A Starter Kit of Episodes for New Listeners

New to the show & looking for the best episodes to get started with?

Here's my curated Starter Package list of episodes that give a good insight into what this show is all about..

  • Introducing The Expat Cast - though some things have changed since I recorded this very first episode years ago, a lot of the main goals have remained the same
  • The Broke Expat with Jenny - how to survive and thrive in Germany on a tight, tight budget
  • The Beauty of Community with Berly - community can be circular in nature, and it sometimes takes a single person's example to start a wonderful cycle of giving and receiving help and support
  • Being Bi-Cultural with Gordon - a glimpse into a life spent growing up moving between two countries and cultures
  • The First Few Months with Samar - we get honest about how tough the first few months of moving to a new country can be & share how we got past that
  • You Are Where You Live with Mark - how one man went from covering the Eastern Block to being a travel writer in Prague over his 30 years of expat life
  • Moving Abroad or Running Away? with Aspen from AspenAbroad - an honest discussion about if moving abroad is an elaborate form of avoidance or not
  • Moving Back "Home" with Lindsey from ExpatRepat Podcast - a fellow podcaster shares what it's like to return to her home country after years of living abroad in Switzerland
  • Living Abroad in your 20s with Olivia from Quarter Life Living Podcast - all about why your 20s are a perfect time to try out life abroad
  • Imposter Syndrome as an Expat with Melissa - the nitty gritty of imposter syndrome, or the deep feeling and/or fear of being a fraud
  • Expat Loneliness with Gabriela - one of the worst parts of living abroad is feeling lonely, but we all do, so let's talk about it
  • American Football in Germany with Nick from NALF - we learn about the German (American) Football League by a professional athelete (and YouTuber) who plays for the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns
  • Creating Home with Julia - home is a place and a feeling, so how can one create that no matter where they are in the world?
  • When Expat Life Doesn't Work Outwith Brandi - one woman's story of how moving abroad didn't turn out like she'd imagined

That should be enough to get you started!

For the top episodes and my personal favorites, check out About the Show.

Happy listening!