Jan. 4, 2021

Moving Abroad or Running Away?

Moving Abroad or Running Away?

Moving to a new country also means leaving another country behind. What if the situation you're leaving behind is messy, full of problems and stress? Is your choice to move abroad a healthy way to improve your surroundings for a better future, or is it in some way a very elaborate method of running away from your problems?

What happens when certain problems sneak back up on you, because the baggage comes with you, even if you thought you left it behind?

Expat YouTuber Aspen, from AspenAbroad, moved to Europe after growing up in Hawaii and settled down in Munich, Germany. She came on the podcast right around her 5th Gedeutschtag (Alles gute zum Gedeutschtag, Aspen!), so we took a stroll down memory lane to look at the traumas and challenges that inspired Aspen to leave the US, followed by a discussion of how she's feeling now.

Aspen came down to Freiburg to record the episode, and a beautiful expat friendship was born over watching the sunset over France and bonding over our love for podcasts - shout-out to Hidden Brain's episode about thepsychological effects of scarcity, which we mentioned in the episode!

Check out her blog post about it for more.

Watch her video about our weekend in Freiburg, then give the episode a listen.