June 9, 2021

Meet the Sponsor: Lingoda, ft. their August 2021 Sprint

Meet the Sponsor: Lingoda, ft. their August 2021 Sprint

I'm so excited to have this week's episode sponsored by Lingoda!

Lingoda is an online language school with classes in English, business English, German, Spanish, and French. Earlier this year, I started using Lingoda to learn French.


I liked using Lingoda because their class sizes are super small. The classes I took had 3-5 students. Although every class had different students, the teachers were really good about making everyone feel comfortable right away. The teachers were all native French speakers, and they used the Lingoda software really well, so I didn't mind being online. Plus, I loved how flexible it was. Whenever I had a free evening, I could check what classes were being offered and sign up. It was way more manageable for my busy schedule than committing to a set time slot every day or week.

This August, Lingoda is offering a special program called a sprint. Through the sprint system, you challenge yourself to take 15 classes per month for three months. If you meet that goal, not only will your language skills be much further along, you could qualify for 50% of your money back!

The next sprint starts August 2, and you can sign up by July 16.


This time they're offering an Early Bird Super Sprint, where you challenge yourself to complete 30 classes per month. If you reach that goal, you can get 100% of your money back! You can sign up for that up until June 24.


For more information on the sprint, click here.

BONUS: when you sign up, use the code EXPATCAST1 to save 20€/25$!


Lingoda website: lingoda.com

Sprint information: http://bit.ly/ExpatpodcastxLingoda_Sprint

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