March 18, 2021

Meet the Sponsor: Lingoda

Meet the Sponsor: Lingoda

I'm so excited to have this week's episode sponsored by Lingoda!

Lingoda is a Germany-based online language school. They offer classes in English, business English, German, Spanish, and French. My German is finally at a level that I feel confident about, so I was actually most interested to try to learn French online.

Where I live in Freiburg, Germany, I'm a 30 minute drive from the French border. I've made a couple quick trips over to the Alsace to visit the beautiful towns and villages, drive through the vineyards, and check out the many castles.

I always felt bad, though, because I don't speak much French. To me, it feels rude to visit your neighbors and not be able to talk with them.

I started learning French with free online tools over the first pandemic lockdown in 2020. I didn't get far and dropped it as soon as things opened back up. Over the second lockdown over Christmas 2020, I checked out magazines and study kits from my local library. Guess how many times I opened them? Zero.

Enter: Lingoda.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of language schools are switching over to an online format. Lingoda has been offering online language courses for three years already, so they are way ahead of the curve. They offer classes with maximum five participants around the clock. You just sign up for whatever time slot and chapter fits your schedule and language level.

I took a couple classes with them to see if it would work to finally get me going with French. The teachers have been really nice and patient, and I'm surprised how much I enjoy the online format. I'm an old-school gal who prefers paper and pen to a computer, but these teachers are really good at using the digital white board to the max. I also like that each class is an hour, because it flies by but anything more would be touch for my eyes.

It's also been really great to be flexible. With pandemic rules changing all the time, it's hard to predict if I will be free at a set time every week. With Lingoda, I don't have to commit to that; instead, I just see when I have free time that day or week and sign up for a class.

I still have a long way to go, but I really hope that by the time things go back to normal and the borders are open, I can pop on over to my favorite French town for a coffee and croissant and order all in French!

I want to be sitting right on that terrace, ordering a meal with more than just a mumbled, "Je voudrais" and a "s'il vous plais"

This April, Lingoda is offering a special program called a sprint. Through the sprint system, you challenge yourself to take either 15 or 30 classes per month for three months. If you meet that goal, not only will your language skills be much further along, you could qualify for 50% or 100% of your money back!

For more information on the sprint, click here.

BONUS: when you sign up, use the code EXPATCAST to save 10€/11$!


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