Feb. 18, 2021

Meet the Sponsor: euhabitat

Meet the Sponsor: euhabitat

I'm so excited to have this week's episode sponsored by euhabitat! They're THE platform for furnished apartments in Germany.

I've moved apartments four times in my 3.5 years in Germany. Every time, it's a headache. The apartment listing websites are flooded with options - some of which are scams, which are difficult to notice when you're a foreigner still learning the ropes - and in most German cities, the competition for housing is through the roof. It feels impossible to stand out and find ANYTHING, let alone actually get your needs and wishes covered.

euhabitat helps with all of that and more. Their website lists furnished apartments that have been verified by local agencies, so no risk of scams. One thing I love about them is that, in addition to having a user-friendly search function to sort through the listings, you can also send a form with your apartment hunt specifications, and they'll have a local personal scout support you in your search.

They offer apartments in cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich. I tested out their search tool by looking for apartments in Nuremberg. I'm still very happy in Freiburg, but Nuremberg has become my second German home. I really fell in love with the city's historic charm, and there are so many internationals there, that it's easy to make friends.

One cool thing about looking up that area on euhabitats - they have listings in Nuremberg, Erlangen, and Fuerth. Because Nuremberg itself can be pricey, it's nice to know that both other neighboring cities, which are all well-connected to one another via public transit, also have options.

I put in a move-in date of April 1, 2021 and looked for all 2-room apartments up to 900€ per month. Immediately, I got 49 results! In a competitive market like Nuremberg, that's a fantastic amount of options.

I had a lot of fun looking over the options. Am I the only weirdo who looks up housing in other cities just for fun?

Anyway, if you're moving to any of the German cities they cover, I highly recommend you give them a try. They offer both individual and boutique style rentals, and all of that for fair prices. Best of all? No agency fees! The team at euhabitat has over 20 years of experience. If you want better housing, go with euhabitat - live like the locals.


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