May 3, 2023

May on the Move

May on the Move

Greetings from Paraguay!

I recently moved to Paraguay, in the middle of South America. It's coincided with a break after season 7 of the podcast. Although I'm not publishing podcast episodes, I'm keeping active creatively. This time, in writing form.

I am taking part in an Instagram writing challenge called May on the Move!

May on the Move is an Instagram writing prompt series run by @thefrustratednester and a long list of wonderful hosts. Basically, different creators on Instagram who are globally minded can take part by writing a reflection every couple of days in May, all surrounding themes relevant to global living.

I've enjoyed reading people's posts in years past, and as I'm in the midst of a big move and can feel the inspiration to write swirling within me, I decided 2023 is a great chance for me to join.

The first prompt was "self."

"Maybe 'self' is just the parts you don't need to pack when you move."

Read more of my thoughts on self on my post on Instagram.

Other posts include:

-my reflections on how running has become a power-supplier for me, with distances expanding and shrinking depending on my surroundings, for the prompt "energy."

-the peculiar grieving process I'm currently in with my lost love for Germany, for the prompt "grief."


I'm loving this challenge as a chance to get a bit more honest, vulnerable, and expressive about my experience as an expat in my third country, on my third continent. To read my posts, make sure you're following me on Instagram @theexpatcast.

To keep up with the project, follow the Instagram hashtags #mayonthemove and #mayonthemove2023.

Big thanks to all the hosts for this great project!