Jan. 7, 2021

Getting to Know Hannah Teslin from TravelsbyTeslin

Getting to Know Hannah Teslin from TravelsbyTeslin

If you're on Instagram or TikTok, you probably know of Hannah from TravelsbyTeslin. While Hannah was quarantining in her home country of Canada in December 2020, shortly before a lockdown was announced in Germany, she came on The Expat Cast.

Hannah has been living in Hamburg, Germany for 7 years now. Her move was inspired by love, but even when that relationship ended, she had plenty of reasons to stay. She has a thriving career, manages a ton of social meet-up groups, creates amazing content on social media, and even went viral with her Glühwein map of Hamburg!

Even when pandemic broke out in 2020, Hannah didn't stop hustling. She started making fun videos on TikTok about life as a Canadian expat in Germany, like one about culture shock, which were quickly a huge hit. When Christmas markets got cancelled for 2020, she created a map of cafes/restaurants offering Glühwein to go in Hamburg. She is constantly innovating, creating, and working hard to help other expat women find their success in life abroad.

Hannah is one of the most fun, impressive people I've gotten to talk to! It turns out we have a lot in common, like how we're both highly ambitious North American women who pursued their careers and passion projects even through difficult breakups. I'm so glad we got to connect, and I can't wait to follow along and see what this awesome lady does next.

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