Jan. 4, 2021

Filing US Taxes as an American Expat with MyExpatTaxes

Filing US Taxes as an American Expat with MyExpatTaxes

Filing taxes can be such a headache, and as a US-American living abroad, it's double the headache, because you probably have to file taxes in both the US and the country you're living in.

I'm very, very grateful to have found MyExpatTaxes, a company whose software makes filing your US expat taxes fun and cute.

"Fun" and "cute" and "taxes" all in one sentence? Hold your gasps! With the MyExpatTaxes software, it's true.

I invited Nathalie Goldstein, the founder of the company, onto the podcast to help fill us in. Nathalie told us her story about how frustrating it was to file taxes as an American after she moved from Silicon Valley to Vienna, Austria. Lucky for us, she channeled her frustration into founding MyExpatTaxes, and she shares all the tips, tricks, and nuances she's learned about filing US taxes as an American abroad.

This episode is jam-packed with information that can help you avoid common tax filing mistakes among expats - and it includes helpful insights about what to expect when filing your taxes after you move abroad.

You can listen in here.


Achtung: If you use MyExpatTaxes, use the promo code EXPATCAST at check out to save 10% on your filing!


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