Jan. 4, 2021

Divorce as an Expat

Divorce as an Expat

Many people move abroad either for love or with their spouse. Unfortunately, for some, that love story will end in a breakup or even divorce. Divorce is never easy, but having to go through a divorce in a foreign country compounds the challenges.

Katia Vlachos came on the podcast to us about it all. Katia, a longtime expat, got divorced from her Austrian husband in Switzerland. The two additionally had children to consider. In addition to the emotional aspect of a relationship ending, Katia had to overcome a language barrier when going through the legal aspects of the divorce.

Today, she's on the other end of that complicated chapter of life. She talked to us about how she made it through and what she learned along the way. Katia is now an author, a coach, and an overall badass.

Some resources that helped Katia were:

  • Families in Global Transition, or FIGT
  • International Family Law Group, or IFLG

You can hear all of Katia's insights in the episode.