Jan. 4, 2021

Couple's Counseling for Cross-Cultural Relationships

Couple's Counseling for Cross-Cultural Relationships

Being in a cross-cultural relationship comes with many strengths and many challenges, especially if one partner moved to a new country and learned a new language to make the relationship work.

Katie Rössler moved from America to Germany with her husband, and now they've got two small daughters in Munich. Katie experienced plenty of challenges herself, and she brings that first-hand experience into her work as an expat couple's counselor.

Working with couples in person and online, through sessions as well as online courses and guides, Katie helps her clients navigate the tricky waters of miscommunications, conflicting expectations, and more.

Katie came on the show to talk about her normal couple's counseling work as well as how couples and families can use the lockdown during Coronavirus to their advantage. There are so many memes about how Coronavirus will lead to many babies - and many divorces. But why do we have to go into this thinking of it so negatively? Katie helps us reframe the situation as an opportunity and offers concrete ideas on how to succeed during quarantine.

You can listen to the episode here.

This episode is a nice complement to the episode Intercultural Relationships.