Jan. 4, 2021

Community from a Distance During a Pandemic

Community from a Distance During a Pandemic

Coronavirus is a global pandemic that's got many of us trapped at home. It's tough. But - it can be an opportunity.

Not only does being trapped at home mean that you're staying safe and you're helping save other people's lives by not spreading the virus - it also means you have a new opportunity to reconnect with yourself, your friends and family, and your interests.

Aspen of AspenAbroad and I teamed up to bring you a podcast/YouTube cross-over to help you find the good in this bad situation. Our status as American expats in Germany has given us plenty of practice at maintaining relationships and creating a sense of community from afar, and we share our favorite tricks to feeling connected despite the distance.

Check out the video part of this collaboration on Aspen's YouTube channel here and listen to the podcast part here.


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