Jan. 3, 2021

Ask the Expat: Advice for Expats, From Expats

Ask the Expat: Advice for Expats, From Expats

To celebrate 50 episodes, 10,000 downloads, and 1 year of podcasting, my good friend and fellow expat Stacey and I answered listener questions and quandaries in a brand new format called Ask the Expat. We tackled the following questions with a mixture of personal anecdotes and librarian-approved resources.

  1. How do I make friends in Germany?
  2. What are the visa options in Germany?
  3. How does public transit work in Germany?
  4. What are some tips for getting a job in Germany?
  5. What have you guys brought with you to Germany that you can’t get here, and how do you approach that?
  6. How do I manage my move to Germany with money and language constraints?

Note: Stacey and I are just two expat ladies, giving our best ideas! None of the things we say are professional advice!

Through the episode, we mentioned various resources and things to check out. Here they are:

Listen to our advice here.