Jan. 4, 2021

America on Fire

America on Fire

In the days after the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department in 2020, the Carl Schurz Haus in Freiburg put together a panel discussion to address racism and police brutality in the United States. The event was hosted just a week and a half after the event, in the midst of massive protests in the US and beyond.

I was honored to be the moderator for the event. I interviewed five Americans living in Germany about the state of America and their experiences with racism. 

Mentioned in the panel

Due to the success of the first panel, a second panel, "America on Fire Part 2" was hosted for one month later, which I also moderated. A third panel is in the works for early 2020.


Listen to the panel here.


The video version of the panel is available here

The director of the Carl-Schurz-Haus came on The Expat Cast back in 2018 to talk to us about German-American Cultural Centers in Germany. Listen to it here.

Reggie, one of the panelists, was also on The Expat Cast in 2018 for a two-part episode called "Napster Broke the Music Industry. Now What?". Part 1, Part 2